performance based hiringStrategic Consulting Japan, focuses on a strategic and methodical approach to executing each and every search. The whole process begins with developing a "real" job spec; which means, defining what a prospective candidate will need to do in order to be successful in that specific role, not by simply listing a set of skills and or qualifications. Each search is initiated by developing a SMARTe Performance Profile:

Specific: Include the details of what needs to be done so that others understand it.

Measurable: It's best if the objective is easy to measure by including amounts or percent changes.

Action-oriented: Action verbs build, improve, change, and help understanding.

Time-bound: Include a date or state how long it will take to start and complete.

environment: Describe the company culture, pace, pressure, available resources, and politics.

SMARTe is a system developed by The Adler Group. Strategic Consulting utilizes this tool with all it's searches. We encourage all our clients to purchase "Hire With Your Head".

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