scj systematicStrategic Consulting Japan offers our clients; highly developed search and consulting processes.

We focus on "quality" rather than volume, we do not compete with the contingent firms which are driven by volume - our objective is to focus on searches that truly impact a company's bottom line.

Our clients receive the highest level of search processes available in market, we are extremely analytical and systematic with our approach. We offer our clients reporting and tools which will satisfy even the most particular hiring manager - and more importantly will help facilitate a better hire each and every time.

Reporting schedules are predetermined upon the onset of each search, and reporting is not simply a method of demonstrating search activity, but rather a tool used to report back to clients "real" activity as well as market feedback. Our goal is to fill roles with the best available candidate(s) the market can offer.

We have developed a proprietary reference checking methodology which not only verifies the quality of the hire, but also offers a management road-map. Our objective is optimize the on-boarding process and minimize management challenges within the first 6-12 months of the hire.

We have also offer Business Analysis and Succession Planning templates, which can be tailed to meet the specific requirements / demands of our clients. This type of consulting activity is not "out of the box", however we can support our clients locally with our optimized Succession Planning templates and tools.