scj talent upgrade

In today's highly competitive market, average is simply not good enough.

Irregardless of the market conditions, future success of any company is solely based on the talent within that organization.

Companies that possess good long term vision, are now taking advantage of the large talent pool within the market.

In order to maintain transparency within the process, we offer a fully confidential service. This means only viable candidates that meet the agreed upon criteria will learn about these confidential roles, additionally they are required to sign an NDA.

We fully screen all candidates using SMARTe performance profiles, with Lou Adler's candidate screening tool. This narrows the candidate pool down to the real performers.

Companies always tell me, "we can always use top level performers, however there's no room for mediocre within our organization." I think it goes without saying that, the more competitive the market becomes, the higher demand for solid talent.

Informal reference checks are also done to insure accuracy of the candidates background. Later in the process a full reference check is completed. This is not a rubber stamp, as it is with most firms. We have developed a localized tool which enables an accurate picture of the candidate, including a behavioral profile. The SCJ's reference check process is so thorough that it will offer the company detailed information with how to effectively manage this professional from day one.

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