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Japan Market Entry
Avoid the common errors companies make when establishing their Japan entity, contact Strategic Consulting Japan G.K. for an initial free Japan Entry consultation.

Japan Market Entry

Establishing a corporate entity in any country is an important and challenging task and Japan being the 3rd largest global economy is no exception, particularly since Japan is a single language country.

Japan is one of the most unique global markets; better understanding how to effectively enter the market is a big hurdle. We can walk you through the process by identifying which is the best strategy for you - based on your products, technology, and / or services.

Some of the options include establishing a direct sales office, utilizing direct sales, channel distribution and / or system integrator. If you decide to establish a sales office, then you’ll need to register either a Kabushiki Kaisha (K.K.) or a Godo Gaisha (G.K.); which business model do you chose and what would be the potential benefits to your organization.

Business registration requires a lot of paperwork (in Japanese), multiple trips to a several Japanese Government Bureaus, a local Representative Director...etc. We can support you locally with this process, and / or network you with professionals who specialize in these key areas.

Additionally, we can refer you to trusted, local bilingual professionals such as; Accountants, Lawyers, Industrial Real Estate Professionals...etc.

Finding a suitable office location is also key to attracting talent; this is not to say that you need to be located in the heart of Tokyo, however, based on your technology, there are preferred areas to establish businesses here in Japan, we can advise and support you with this process.

One of the most challenging and important tasks is identifying the right person to kick start your business – we have expertise in identifying such candidates. The right entrepreneurial professional, can in fact, support you with the entire initial business establishment.

Japan Market Entry SupportEnd-To-End Support

  • Initial Free Consultation
  • Business Establishment / Registration
  • Referrals For Key Bilingual Partners (Accounting, Legal...etc.)
  • Detailed Market Consultation
  • Setting Up a Temporary / Permanent Office
  • Desired Office Locations (Important to Attract Talent)
  • Support with Critical First Hires



Detailed Market Intelligence

Competitor Market Intelligence JapanDetailed Market Analysis & Intelligence

  • Competitor Detailed Analysis & Intelligence
  • Product / Service Market Analysis
  • Japan Market Brand Awareness & Feedback
  • Product or Service Japan Trend Insight
  • Sales Optimization (Channel, Partner or Direct)




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