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Today's executive search business is becoming more and more sophisticated.

Clients are seeking a trusted business partner who can diligently scour the market for the "best" available candidate.

Global firms offer a standardize approach, however in addition to the 30% - 35% search fees, Global Firms are still charging an additional 12% expense fee. In today's lean market, how can anyone rationalize this additional expense?

At Strategic Consulting Japan, you will receive a higher level of service, without additional expenses or costs. Expenses are only incurred with our client's direct approval, and only as necessary, i.e. travel overseas for an interview.

We have deeply analyzed what the Top 5 Global Search Firms do, and have combined these to create the ultimate Executive Search process - including state of the art streamlined reporting.

Some of the tools which separate us from other firms is we utilize Lou Adler's screening process as well as candidate bench marking tools.

Unlike the Global Search Firms, our billing process is performance based; our clients do not make a second installment until they are completely satisfied with the short list of candidates. This means search do not go on forever, or filled with inadequate candidates out of shear frustration from our clients. We've filled lots of searches where Global Firms have failed, and the client is willing to write-off the retainer fees already invested. In these cases, we understand the financial impact, and will negotiate with our clients, to make this a Win-Win scenario.

Our reputation with every client is important to us, and we understand the level of service required to satisfy the even most demanding HR Manager.

We offer a variety of Executive Search options including Fully Retained Search, Exclusive Search as well Hybrid Executive Search.

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