Corporate CoachingWhat is Corporate Coaching?

Coaching is the process of developing or enhancing executive's skills through training with the most current business models and skills sets.

Reception to training is often a paradigm shift in thinking; so overcoming reluctance to change is a hurdle for many executives, particularly in Japan.

Generally speaking human beings are reluctant to change. Well ingrained corporate thinking is a challenge to overcome, and clearly illustrates the need for coaches outside an organization implement new business solutions to be effective.

Coaching is an effective tool to support, and lessen the impact of change / development within organizations. It also offers professionals and organizations the opportunity to maximize growth through knowledge in the ever changing global market.

Development – Core Values & Beliefs

  • All people are capable of development

  • People can only change if they want to and are ready to

  • What others believe about our potential can influence the level of our success

  • What we believe about our own potential is directly linked to our success

  • How we define success will have a direct impact upon what we achieve

  • We often limit our potential by having limiting beliefs, i.e. believing that certain things are not possible due to environmental or situational constraints

  • People will only learn when they are truly engaged with the process. Commitment to the process creates ownership, and deepens the learning experience

  • It is possible to learn from everything that we do providing we are open to new concepts

  • People don't need to be experts before they can help someone learn. Coaching coaches is an example of this, and these newly trained coaches reinforce their new skills through this process

  • In order to help others develop, we must continue to develop ourselves

Coaching/Training Process

The basic cycle is illustrated below. A corporation identifies development is required, a training program is executed, coaches are trained, coaches execute the new program or strategy, the trainer/coach verifies correct execution, follow up coaching/training is implemented as required.

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