Confidential SearchStrategic Consulting Japan specializes in Confidential Director level Executive Search within the Japan market.

Replacing a failing executive is an extremely important task, and equally important is to insure the potential replacement does not find out he/she is being replaced.

Stealth and internal security is important throughout the search process, consequently SCJ only discloses the role to the best candidates, and all potential candidates are required to sign an NDA.

Why is confidentiality so critical?

  • Japan does not honor "At Will" contractual clauses, so if a Director finds out he/she is being replaced, the company would be liable for a large severance package (approx. 2 years).

  • Despite under-performing, the current Director is managing your business, however if he/she finds out they are being replaced, that motivation evaporates quickly, and your business could be in real trouble.

  • Internal morale can also have a negative impact on your business, and you could lose valuable members of your organization as a result of uncertainty or market feedback.

  • It is also important to not alert your staff that a major change is happening with your Japan operation; Japanese are adverse to change, so a new leader needs to be introduced appropriately to maintain trust and motivation within your Japan business.

  • If a stealth approach is taken, you can take your time to scour the market thoroughly to find the right person to build your business.

  • Additionally, it is extremely important to not alert your clients or competitors that a change is eminent.

  • There are many obvious reasons why confidentiality is required, now you need to be sure the Search Firm you've selected can effectively execute a confidential search.

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