SCJ Business Analysis Team

Foreign companies with subsidiaries here in Japan often wonder if their company is performing as it should. Is their company under-performing, on target, or in fact performing as it should given the current market conditions; lots of questions, with no real way to identify an honest solution.

Large Global firms typically utilize “Succession Planning”, which helps the company identify organizational strengths and/weaknesses. We offer a possible solution to this conundrum; “Business Analysis”. This solution is completely scalable to meet the needs of any size firm.

As local HR specialist's, we are experienced with interviewing Japanese nationals, ideally we prefer to do this off site, in the privacy of SCJ's office. We have developed a set of localized blind survey's, which often illustrate the real picture.

All interviews and surveys are compiled into a consolidated PDF report, which also includes our neutral feedback based on the entire process. This may be recognized as the "big picture". We typically receive feedback from our clients like this "that confirms my gut feeling" or "we suspected something was not right, we just couldn't put our finger on it".

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