Background ChecksProtect Your Hiring Investment

Strategic Consulting Japan offers 3rd party background and reference checks as a service.

This is particularly important when hiring Representative Directors, Chief Financial Officers and Directors.

Protect your hiring investment with due diligence

Japan Privacy Law

In 2003 the Japan government created a strict bill to protect personal privacy, on April 2005 Japan implemented this law; the Personal Privacy Protection Law protects personal information.

Safeguards must be utilized when executing background checks as breaching this law is a serious criminal offense in Japan. Strategic Consulting Japan has developed proprietary strategies and tools in conjunction with our corporate attorney to effectively execute diligent background checks.

Please contact us for support with, or consultation regarding executing legal background checks in Japan.

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3rd Party Reference Checking

We have developed localized tools which not only validates the hire, but also enables an accurate picture of the professional being hired, including a behavioral profile.

Our reference check process is so thorough that it will offer your company detailed information with how to effectively manage this professional from day one, thus saving months of trial and error.

Please contact us for more information regarding our 3rd party reference checking service.

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