performance based hiringStrategic Consulting Japan screens all it's candidates with Lou Adler's Performance-based hiring methodology; this insures candidates are consistantly screened thouroughly, and also offers consistency for bench-marking candidates.

Hiring Managers, and, human beings in general for that matter are guilty of stereotyping, gut feelings and first impressions, generally speaking within the first 30 minutes we make our decision, then we spend the next 30 minutes rationalizing our initial impression. If we like a candidate, we seek reasons to continue liking them, if we don't have a good first impression, we spead the rest of the time validating why we didn't like them in the first place.

Most hiring managers feel it is the candidates resonsiblility to prove themselves in the interview, Performance-based hiring insures good professionals are separated from good interviewers, and there is a huge difference in actual job performance.

Hiring consistently top performers requires more than a gut feeling, it requires methodology. This tool developed by Lou Adler offers a good solution to this problem.

We assure you, if you become familiar with this tool, your hiring efficiency will improve dramatically.

Below is a Performance-Based Hiring Tool compliments of SCJ:

Performance-based Hiring