Non Disclosure AgreementWhy is an NDA required?

  1. Within the Executive Search industry, there is often a requirement to do confidential executive replacement, in order to protect the client from liability from information leakage within the market, an NDA is essential. If the executive being replaced were to find out from the market itself, clearly this would be disastrous and unethical. NDA's offer complete confidentiality throughout the process.

  2. Often during the interview or screening process, shortlisted candidates become privy to confidential information regarding a company's business and strategy, this information must remain confidential, particularly from the competitors.

Non-Disclosure Agreements are used by Strategic Consulting Japan for all confidential searches, or in cases where the client would like to main stealth within the market.

Below is a Standard NDA as a complimentary resource from SCJ:

Standard NDA

Below is a Mutual NDA as a complimentary resource from SCJ:

Mutual NDA