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Resume Writing Tips
Your resume should outline your knowledge, qualifications, skills...etc. and what makes you unique. It should be clear, concise and easy to follow. The summary and skills should be specific to the job you are applying for. Additionally, it needs to be ATS-friendly or it will never to found, it's all about data science these days.

Resume Writing Structure

Resume WritingHere Are A Few Basics

  • Education & Awards At The Top
  • Short Introduction With Skills Summary
  • Reverse Chronological Order
  • List Significant Accomplishments (Bullet Format)
  • List Awards & Honours (Bullet Format)
  • Remove Personalized Pronouns (Use Active Verbs)
  • Titles With Name (e.g. Ph.D, MBA, CPA, PMP)
  • Reason For Career Changes (After Each Job)




Style & Organization

Resume Writing StyleVisual Structure

  • Clean & Easy To Follow
  • Career & Education Are In Reverse Chronological Order
  • Same Fonts Type Are Used Throughout (Use True Type Fonts)
  • Skills Are Bulleted At The Top
  • Only Titles Are "All Capitalized" (All Caps is Optional)
  • All Titles, Names, First Words of Paragraphs Have Capitalized First Letters
  • Document Is Left Justified
  • Achievements Are Bulleted Using Active Verbs
  • Summary Is Specifically Written For The Job Application
  • Resume Has Been Spell & Grammar Checked


Resumes With Data Science & ATS Systems

ATS-Friendly ResumeResumes & IT/ATS Systems

  • Resumes Need To Be ATS-Friendly & ATS-System Optimized
  • Once A Resume Is Submitted Online or VIA Email, An IT System Parses The Data
  • Talent Acquisition / Recruiters / HR / Line Managers Key Word Search An ATS System
  • Specific Titles, Degrees, & Skills as Well as The Right Key Words
  • Don't Use Tables or Columns
  • Data In Headers Cannot Be Read
  • Don't Secure Your Resume As An Image
  • PDF or .docx Format