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Candidate Resources
Strategic Consulting Japan G.K. is pleased to offer our candidates and professionals some free resources to support your career. Please contact us for additional support and resources.

Career Coaching & Mentoring

Career Coaching & Mentoring JapanPersonalized Coaching & Mentoring

  • Initial Career Assessment
  • Skills Evaluation
  • Performance Coaching & Mentoring
  • How To Achieve Your Potential
  • Create a Long-term Career Strategy
  • How to Find a Career You Love
  • Career Transition Support
  • How to Deal With Difficult Managers
  • Power Harassment Guidance

Career Counseling Article


Contact us for your personalized career and / or life coaching support

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Career Transition Support

career transition trainingPersonal Support During Restructuring and/or Termination


  • Initial consultation after termination
  • Cognitive counseling
  • Career consultation and coaching
  • Strategic approach to seeking employment
  • Professional resume development
  • Introduction and support with new online trends and media
  • Interview training and support
  • Professional development support and guidance
  • Weekly consultation and support


Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation JapanInterview Preparation Support

  • End-To-End Interview Preparation
  • Pre-Interview Research Strategies
  • Decoding The Interview
  • Interview Day - How To Prepare
  • Understanding The Client Interview Objectives
  • Tell Me About Yourself - How To Introduce Yourself
  • Typical Interview Questions, What They Mean & How To Respond
  • How To Effectively Present Your Strengths

Interview Preparation Article

Interview Day Preparation

Interview Questions


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Resume Writing

Resume WritingHow To Create An Effective Resume

  • Education & Awards At The Top
  • Short Introduction With Skills Summary
  • Reverse Chronological Order
  • List Significant Accomplishments (Bullet Format)
  • List Awards & Honours (Bullet Format)
  • Remove Personalized Pronouns (Use Active Verbs)
  • Titles With Name (e.g. Ph.D, MBA, CPA, PMP)
  • Reason For Career Changes (After Each Job)

Resume Template

Resume Writing Tips


Strategic Consulting Japan G.K. offers resume development as a service, contact us should you require support with your resume:

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Resignation Tips

Resignation Tips JapanHow To Resign Effectively

  • Have a Signed Legal Contract Before Resigning
  • Follow The Resignation Rules of Your Company / Contract / Country
  • Resign on a Friday, This Gives The Weekend For Your Employer To Process This News
  • Ideally Meet With Your Direct Manager (If He/She is Remote, Coordinate a Zoom Call)
  • Don't Lie About Why You Are Leaving
  • You Don't Have To Tell Them Your New Company Name
  • Leave On a Positive Note
  • Submit a Formal Letter of Resignation
  • Notification Period is Typically 30 Days in Japan
  • Offer To Support With Business Handover
  • Continue To Work Hard Until The Last Day
  • Request a Letter of Recommendation
  • Don't Allow Your End Date To Be Moved
  • Respect Your Contractual NDA

Below is a sample Letter of Resignation as a complimentary resource from Strategic Consulting Japan G.K.:

Letter of Resignation

Counter Offers

counter offerCounter Offer Considerations

  • You've Gone Through Multiple Interviews For A Reason
  • What Were Your Motivations To Seek A New Job?
  • Were You Underpaid or Unappreciated?
  • Short-term Monetary Gain vs Long-term Career Development
  • Were You Happy With The People / Corporate Culture?
  • How Will A Counter Offer Change Anything?

Statistically 4 out of 5 people who accept a counter offer leave within the year