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Strategic Consulting Japan G.K. Executive Search Value
We understand that many clients are either not familiar with the benefits of Executive search, and/or have had a bad experience. We are happy to discuss this with you to help you make an informed decision regarding Strategic Consulting Japan's Executive Search process.
Nothing is more expensive than a bad hire!

Search Value

  • Retained Search
  • Premium Search
  • Engaged Until Completion
  • Candidate Exclusivity
  • Detailed Market Intelligence
  • Bi-weekly Status Reporting
  • One Year Warranty
  • Detailed Reference Checks
  • Choose
  • Exclusive Search
  • Focused Search
  • Focused Search
  • Candidate Exclusivity
  • Limited Market Intelligence
  • Bi-weekly Status Reporting
  • Six Month Warranty
  • Detailed Reference Checks
  • Choose
  • Contingent Search
  • Passive Search
  • Engaged Until Completion
  • Candidate Exclusivity
  • Market Intelligence
  • Bi-weekly Status Reporting
  • Three Month Warranty
  • Detailed Reference Checks
  • Choose
Strategic Consulting Japan G.K. does not typically engage in Contingent Search, the table above illustrates what clients can expect from a Contingent Search firm. If we do engage with Contingent Search, we do respect Candidate Exclusivity as we view our clients as business partners.

Japan's Top Executive Search Process

Executive Search JapanProgressive Search Methodology


In today's talent acquisition market, search firms need to add a much higher level of service than in the past. Over the years we have been constantly enhancing our recruitment processes to offer the highest level of talent acquisition support within the Japan market. We utilize strategic sourcing that goes beyond job boards and LinkedIn.

Upon commencement, we invest the time and resources required to deeply understand our client's needs, then we target specific professionals by leveraging our referral network. We utilize a strategic, analytical and methodical approach to executing each and every project. Throughout our executive search process, we offer Japan Market intelligence, confidentiality and transparency.

All candidates are deeply screened prior to introduction utilizing "Performance-based Hiring methodology". (See below complimentary Performance-based Hiring Tool)

Unlike "contingent" search firms, we are client centric and offer our clients candidate exclusivity. Once a candidate has been selected, we negotiate on your behalf.

Another important key differentiator is we have developed a proprietary background check tool, these reference and background checks are completed in a very thorough manner, our clients tell us it saves them several months of management discovery.

Engage with us for your Executive, Exclusive or Hybrid Search for your Confidential or Critical hiring needs.

Nothing is more expensive than a bad hire!

Detailed Market Intelligence

Competitor Market Intelligence JapanCompetitor Market Intelligence

  • Competitor Detailed Analysis & Intelligence
  • Product / Service Market Analysis
  • Japan Market Brand Awareness & Feedback
  • Product or Service Japan Trend Insight
  • Sales Optimization (Channel, Partner or Direct)




Performance-based Hiring Tool

Performance-based Hiring JapanScreen For Performance

  • Don't Hire Based on First Impressions (negative / Positive)
  • Use an Evidence-based Screening Methodology
  • Focus on Patterns of Achievement
  • Screen EQ as Well as IQ
  • Don't Discuss Compensation in the First Interview
  • Strong Candidates Like to be Challenged in the Interview
  • Have a Strategy With Muliple Interviews to Prevent Interview Burnout
  • Close the Interview Positively Regardless of Your Impression

Below is a Performance-Based Hiring Tool compliments of Strategic Consulting Japan G.K.:

Performance-based Hiring Tool


Executive Search One Year Warranty

Protect Your Hiring Investment


Strategic Consulting Japan G.K. utilizes S.M.A.R.T.e. Performance-based hiring methodology and executes deep background checks, as a result, our placement retention record is extremely high, consequently we are able to offer our clients a full one-year replacement warranty with all our executive search assignments. That's 270 days more than other firms offer. We consider the standard 3-month warranty to be inadequate, this does not put much responsibility on the recruiting firm to "get the search right".

Please contact us for your critical hiring requirements with our full One Year Warranty.

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