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Performance-based Hiring
Performance-based hiring ensures the best professionals are separated from the best interviewers
"Nothing is more expensive than a bad hire"

Performance-based Hiring

Performance-based Hiring JapanStrategic Consulting Japan G.K. screens all it's candidates with Lou Adler's Performance-based hiring methodology, this ensures that all candidates are screened thoroughly, as well as offering consistency for candidate bench-marking.

Hiring Managers, and people in general are guilty of stereotyping, gut feelings and first impressions. Generally speaking, within the first 30 seconds we have an impression and make a decision, then we spend the next 30 minutes rationalizing our initial impression. If we like a candidate, we seek reasons to continue liking them, if we don't have a good first impression, we spend the rest of the meeting validating why we didn't like them in the first place.

Additionally, most hiring managers feel it is the candidate's responsibility to prove themselves in the interview.

Hiring consistently top performers requires more than a gut feeling, it requires methodology. Utilizing the performance-based methodology utilized by G.E. and developed by Lou Adler offers a good solution to this problem.

Here in Japan, often the professional who speaks the best English wins the job, overseas interviewers hire based on presentation, not performance.

Performance-based hiring ensures the best professionals are separated from the best interviewers.

The Hiring Machine (Lou Adler)

Performance-based Hiring The MachinePerformance-based Hiring Process

  • Prepare a Performance-based Job Spec
  • Focus on KPOs (Key Performance Objectives)
  • Trend of Growth Is Critical
  • Implement The Performance-based Screening Methodology
  • Source Top Talent
  • Leverage Referral Network
  • Utilize A Standardized Interview Assessment Tool
  • Manage Interview Emotions
  • Leave All Candidates With a Positive Experience
  • Recruit Without Losing Control

 Implementing a strategic hiring process is critical to consistently hiring top talent.

The Best Candidates Are Often Not The Best Hires

The Best Candidates Are Often Not The Best HiresGreat Hires

  • Achieve Results
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Take Responsibility
  • Are Accountable
  • Good Critical Thinking Skills
  • Coach & Mentor
  • Have Good Organizational Skills
  • Don't Make Excuses


Below is a Performance-Based Hiring Tool compliments of Strategic Consulting Japan G.K.:

Performance-based Hiring Tool

Executive Search One Year Warranty

Protect Your Hiring Investment


Strategic Consulting Japan G.K. utilizes S.M.A.R.T.e. Performance-based hiring methodology and executes deep background checks, as a result, our placement retention record is extremely high, consequently we are able to offer our clients a full one-year replacement warranty with all our executive search assignments. That's 270 days more than other firms offer. We consider the standard 3-month warranty to be inadequate, this does not put much responsibility on the recruiting firm to "get the search right".

Please contact us for your critical hiring requirements with our full One Year Warranty.

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